• The 2019 conference will be visiting Chile...

    A biennial event aimed at the bright young things of the fruit industry...

    The 2019 conference will be visiting Chile...
The 2015 Conference in Benelux

The trip to Benelux in 2015 was a great success. Here’s what we did

‘Benelux’ is the a region of mid-western Europe which joins Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Weds 25th Feb
Travel from Kent to Roermond
Lunch was courtesy of the Duvel Brewery. Amazing!
Presentations & evening meal in Roermond

Thurs 26th Feb
Visit to Fleuren nurseries in Holland (1hr travel)
Presentation from Fleuren, introduction to their business and details of tree production
Visit grafting room & cold store
Lunch at Fleuren
Visit to a cherry grower
Visit to a pear grower

Friday 27th Feb
Visit to Rene Nicholai nurseries in Belgium (Saint Truiden)
Overview of Rene Nicholai Business
Better Tree Fruit presentation (development of new varieties)
PCF (research station visit)
Lunch at auction rooms preceeded by short talk from the local NFU secretary and an Uunder 35 Belgian Fruit member. Other members of the U 35’s to joined us for lunch.
Tour of auction rooms & Co-op packing (apples and pears) facility (all on site).
Gala dinner at the hotel

Saturday 28th Feb
Visit to BAB factory (machinery manufacturing) 2 hrs on
ferry/chunnel back to Kent.

A very warm thanks to all our hosts for their time and energy during our visit.


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